Disposable Direct Image Surgical Lenses

High Resolution Disposable Lenses

Available in 5 popular styles, these lenses provide the retinal views you require of all procedures with direct image vitrectomy lenses. They are fitted with a silicone stabilizing ring, eliminating the need for a suture ring or other lens holding device.

Chalam Direct SSV® Disposable Lens

Designs developed with K.V. Chalam, MD. Self Stabilizing (SSV®) Disposable Lens The SSV contact design eliminates the need for sutures or rings.

Volk’s disposable lenses deliver high resolution direct image retinal views, in a convenient sterile, single use design. No sterilization is required. They are packaged individually in an easy to use peel pack and boxed in quantities of 10 lenses.

Disposable Flat (Standard and Self Stabilizing)

Disposable Magnifying

Disposable Wide Field

Disposable Bi-Concave

Disposable 30° Prism

Reserach Lenses

Fundus Lens

Glass Gonio Lens